A session can take place in a variety of settings, your home, the park, downtown...the possiblities are endless. Please keep in mind that children are more comfortable when they are in the comforts of their own home or outside. It is all up to you and what your style is. Tracey can discuss all of your concerns in a consultation before your session. Together Tracey and you can talk about what you are looking for. Please note that as a mother she understands we may need time for changing of clothes, feeding, bum changes or for the kids to just streatch ther legs. Time will be allowed for this. Also please remember when planning a session outdoors, early morning or late evening is the best time for optimal lighting.

Clothing for infants:
Newborns and infants photograph best nude and before they are 10 days old, for they still have that curl factor. I assure you that no pictures will expose any private areas in the portraits. If you prefer not to have your infant nude, please bring along simple outfits you have such as a white diaper shirt, white shirts, white dress etc. Try not to over dress your baby, they look great in something simple. Babies look cute in hats so have a few handy and Tracey will help you to decide. Try not to have anything too tight on the babies, for when you remove the clothing, there may be unsightly clothing lines showing. Denim and khakis are always a great pick.

Clothing for children:
Girls look so cute in colourful tights, and boys in jeans or khakis with a classic plain shirt. You can bring a few outfits and Tracey can help you with different ideas and suggestions. Children in bare feet are a great effect. Simple clothing in light solid colours are best. Busy clothing with patterns, logos, sparkles date the image and distract the viewer from the focus, the subject. More then one person please stay in the same colour scheme.

Clothing for groups and adults:
This is always hard. Please wear neutral colours with a complimentary shirt for each family member. Jeans and khaki's look great on everyone.
If you would like suggestions on clothing we can always discuss ideas in your phone

call me at 705-878-0680 or email me at tracey@tkendallphotography.com